Fuel Polishing and Tank Cleaning Services

Unique - Diesel - Solutions offers a Mobile Tank Cleaning Service in order to recondition, stabilize and decontaminate diesel, biofuels and kerosene via devices specifically designed for the purpose. They remove water, sediment, and sludge that naturally accumulate in tanks. The equipment we utilize are compact, heavy-duty, multi-stage industrial systems which we utilize to clean tanks and restore fuel to its “Clear and Bright” pristine condition.

Mobile Tank Cleaning systems (MTC's) have been utilized in many applications around the world.

Vehicle and heavy-equipment service centers, generator storage tanks, gas stations, oil rigs, fuel docks, marinas, tank and equipment rental companies, etc.

Fuel Optimization and Maintenance

UDS provides a “green”, unique and innovative approach to fuel conditioning. Our equipment, methods and programs protect your engines and preserve the integrity of stored fuel.

•    Clean Tanks, Restoring Fuel to its “Clear and Bright” Pristine Condition
•    Optimize & Preserve the Integrity of Stored Diesel & Bio-fuel
•    Providing Optimal Fuel Quality at all Times, Insuring Peak Performance & Reliability
•    Increase Up-Time, Lower Emission & Operating Cost

UDS’s mobile fuel tank cleaning systems excel in combining high capacity filtration, fuel conditioning & water separation with compact design allowing for great mobility and effectiveness.