ALGAE-X In-Line Fuel Conditioner


Most engine failures start in the tank. Diesel biofuels, kerosene, gasoline, hydraulic fluid, and oil are inherently unstable organic hydrocarbon fluids that naturally break down. The resulting sediments, acids and tank sludge clog filter elements and corrode injection systems. ALGAE-X In-Line fuel conditioners clean the total fuel system by returning clean, conditioned fuel to the tank whenever the engines or pumps are running. They protect the injection system and extend engine life.

ALGAE-X Fuel Conditioners guarantee Optimal Fuel Quality at ALL Times.



How does ALGAE-X in-line fuel conditioners work? 



What are the benefits of using ALGAE-X in-line fuel conditioners?

  • Improves Fuel Stability, Filtration and Combustion
  • Cleans Fuel Injection Systems, Filters and Tanks
  • Lowers Harmful Emissions and Fuel Consumption
  • Eliminates and Prevents Carbon Deposits
  • Reduces Maintenance and Downtime
  • Increases Safety and Reliability
  • Extends Filter Life
  • Lowers Operating Costs

Fuel Filters should last thousands of hours...however; frequent filter changes, tank cleaning and replacing fuel have become commonplace periodic maintenance practices instead of being serious warning signs for potentially expensive downtime, power failures, and liabilities.

ALGAE-X Fuel Conditioners stabilize and condition fuels by reducing the size and mass of clusters of fuel molecules. In combination with primary filter water separators, ALGAE-X Fuel Conditioners prevent fuel degradation and microbial contamination. They optimize fuel quality, keep tanks clean and protect engines.