The AXI Diesel Fuel Filtration and Dispensing Skid is the perfect Fuel Delivery solution for dispensing fuel from a fuel storage tank to company-owned equipment. When the quality of purchased diesel fuel is an issue, the AXI Fuel Filtration and Dispensing Skid provides fuel conditioning, particulate filtration, and water removal, immediately prior to dispensing the fuel into the equipment’s fuel tanks.

See Spec Sheet for more information.

AXI Diesel Fuel Filtration and Dispensing Skid Features Summary:

• Two FV-120 Carbon Steel Filter Vessels in Series with Pressure Gauges to indicate filter element condition
• Fill-Rite 15 – 18 GPM Dispensing Pump
• UL listed or cUL listed pump/motor (depends on HZ)
• Meter accuracy is +/- 1% (not for resale use)
• Pump available in either 110V 60HZ or 230V 50HZ
• Meter available in either Gallons or Liters
• Meter has non-resettable grand total
•ALGAE-X®  LG-X 3000 Fuel Conditioner
• 20’ dispensing hose
• Automatic Fuel Shut-Off Nozzle (flow stops when tank is full)
• Connects to client’s fuel storage tank/system
• Fuel Inlet shut-off Ball Valve.
• Mounted on Small Power-Coated Steel Skid (45” x 28” x 9” – with 3” spill containment)


Spec Sheet