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Hydraulic Oil Polishing


To provide continuous filtration, a permanent installation of the G2F is recommended.

The use of a Portable Filter Cart can be extremely beneficial to a customer who is faced with a major contamination problem that needs to be rectified immediately; while the equipment is down for repair.

Generation 2™ elements remove water at 99.97% from oil. 

Significantly decreasing the formation of acids, keeping the Total Acid Number (TAN) low, diminishing the accelerated depletion of additives and formation of oxidation, varnish, sludge and gum deposits within the component, dramatically extending the life of the equipment and time between oil changes.

Our portable carts have their own pump to obtain oil supply from a reservoir. Once filtered the oil is simply returned to the reservoir, free of water and ultra-fine contamination.

A G2F Portable Filter Cart is also ideal for transferring fluids, minimizing contamination and spills.

Portable Filter carts give our customers the flexibility to provide ultra-fine filtration no matter where it is required. With an independent oil supply to the G2F filtration unit, our cart provides addition benefits to our customers, including: Pre-Filtering new unused oil, removing any contamination that may have entered during transit or in storage prior to use, or to transfer oil from a storage container to a component. 


There are several uses for G2F Portable Filter Carts that go beyond periodic contamination control. Some of these applications include:

Power Flush

This involves reducing the oil level in a tank or sump and flowing the oil at a high velocity across the bottom to push out low-lying sediment.

Wand Flush

A wand is attached to one of the cart hoses and is used first to discharge at high pressure (kicking up adherent debris) and then the flow is reversed and the wand vacuums the sediments.

Transfer Cart

Oil is transferred from a storage container (tote, drum, etc.) to the machine’s lube compartment.

System Drain

Sump and reservoir drains will wash out debris better if the waste oil is pumped out as opposed to simply flowing out by gravity.

Offline Filtration

Filter carts can be mounted permanently to a machine to supplement filtration.

Line Flush

Often remote lines and components need to be partitioned to enable flushing. This can be done easily with a G2F Portable Filter Cart.

Repairs and Equipment Rebuild Flushing

After machines are serviced they need to be flushed thoroughly before they are returned to service.